Quality, Value and Honour

We know you expect quality, and we wouldn’t still be standing if we didn’t deliver. We know you expect value, which is why we relentlessly assess our worth to always remain competitive. And honour, is one for us both. We pride ourselves on our reputation, it’s intrinsic to our name and to tarnish it would bring us immeasurable heartache. But most of all, we go more than the extra mile to honour our promise to you. To deliver what you need, when you need it and of a quality, you deserve.

With export know-how built up, we are increasingly selected as an partner. We are trusted by more companies to provide their international requirements for compostable and plastic item.

Our expert teams maintain logistics and customer service levels to ensure just-in-time supply.

Communicating, sourcing, licensing, selling products and shipping, we optimise every step across the supply chain. We innovate in partnership with commercially-minded businesses to overcome their biggest challenges and to ensure a more compliant and safer environment.