Why more and more customers choose Aijiaqi?

It is because Aijiaqi is professional! Aijiaqi has sufficient supply, reasonable price, high-quality products and intimate service, which can save time, effort and money.


What price advantage does Aijiaqi compare with other suppliers?

Aijiaqi understands the advantages and disadvantages of domestic factories. There are 26 cooperative factories with large output, full range and high-quality. We provide clients with the most suitable products according to their procurement needs, thereby reducing labor and time costs.


What product advantages does Aijiaqi compare with other suppliers?

Maybe it's because Aijiaqi is acquainted with the local market and Aijiaqi can give customers more confidence in product quality control, price control, cargo period control. At the same time, can be saved cost and make customers satisfied.


What is Aijiaqi's service advantage compared with other suppliers?

We sell not only products, but more services! Aijiaqi has talents with multiple language skills, provide one-to-one service and answer clients' questions in time, and know customs clearance knowledge.

We will also strictly control the entire process from production to delivery for clients to ensure that clients can receive satisfactory goods in time.