• Biodegradable Self Sealing Bag

Biodegradable Self Sealing Bag

Product: Biodegradable Self Sealing Bag
Place of Origin: China
Material: PBAT starch and PLA
Single layer Thickness: 50-200 microns or customized
(Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2 Mil)
Flap: Self-adhesive Peel and Seal
Flap Size: 50mm or accept customization
Glue: Strong hot melt glue;Closure: Seal Adhesive Closure
MOQ: 100000 pcs
Package: 100 pcs/bundle or customized
Shelf Life: About 12 months
Compost Time: 8 weeks
Certificate: EN13432 ASTM D6400
Delivery Time: 25-35 days or to be negotiated.

Detailed Introduction

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